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◆ 海德堡材料北美公司收购加拿大骨料业务

◆ Superior Industries 即将收购CEMCO

◆ Aggregate Industries收购OCL Regency增强高速公路废物回收利用业务

◆ 瑞典山特维克将在芬兰增加凿岩机产量

◆ 美卓致力于琼森品牌的全球扩张

◆ 德国采石与建筑设备展 steinexpo举办


◆ 海德堡材料北美公司收购加拿大骨料业务

海德堡材料公司已签订最终收购协议,收购位于加拿大艾伯塔省科克伦的 Green Drop Rock Products 公司,这是一家独立的骨料生产商,拥有一座高产能工厂,能够很好地供应卡尔加里市场。

收购 Green Drop Rock Products 将进一步加强海德堡材料公司提供的可持续骨料产品应用及其在大卡尔加里地区的砂石储备,从而增强该公司在市场中的综合影响力。

Green Drop Rock Products 的资产补充了海德堡材料公司在阿尔伯塔省的现有业务,该省也是海德堡材料公司埃德蒙顿工厂的所在地,该工厂拥有水泥行业第一个全球全面的碳捕获和封存 (CCS) 设施。该新设施计划于2026年底投入运营,每年捕获超过100万吨二氧化碳。

对 Green Drop Rock Products 的收购预计将于2023年9 月上旬完成,这是海德堡材料公司持续优化产品组合的一部分。

Heidelberg Materials acquire Green Drop Rock Products

HEIDELBERG Materials have entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Green Drop Rock Products in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, an independent producer of aggregates with a high-capacity plant that is well positioned to supply the Calgary market.The acquisition of the Green Drop Rock Products business will further strengthen Heidelberg Materials’ offering of sustainable aggregates product applications, as well as their reserves in the Greater Calgary area, reinforcing the company’s integrated footprint in an attractive market.The assets of Green Drop Rock Products complement Heidelberg Materials’ existing operations in this growing part of Alberta, the province also being home to Heidelberg Materials’ Edmonton plant, where the cement industry’s first global full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility is being built. This new facility is scheduled to be operational by late 2026 and will capture more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 annually.The Green Drop Rock Products acquisition, which is expected to close in early September 2023, is part of Heidelberg Materials’ ongoing portfolio optimization focusing on the most promising and strongest market positions.


Superior Industries即将收购CEMCO,实施多元化发展

Superior Industries达成协议收购新墨西哥州立轴冲击式破碎机制造商CEMCO。SUPERIOR Industries Inc. 是一家总部位于美国明尼苏达州的散装物料加工和处理系统制造商和全球供应商,宣布即将收购 CEMCO Inc.。CEMCO Inc.是一家拥有 60 年历史的制造公司,也是现代立轴冲击式破碎机(VSI)的鼻祖,总部位于新墨西哥州贝伦。

如今,CEMCO Inc被公认为 VSI 的首要设计者和制造商,为全球骨料、回收、采矿和能源市场的客户提供服务。CEMCO VSI 是一款经过充分验证、高度信赖的破碎机,产能高达 1,500 吨/小时,型号范围从 75 马力到 1,000 马力,采用单驱动或双驱动套件。该公司最初的 VSI 至今仍在新墨西哥州服役。

Superior Industries 总裁贾森·亚当斯 (Jason Adams) 表示:“我们很荣幸海斯家族信任我们,能够继承他们辛辛苦苦创造的令人难以置信的遗产。随着 CEMCO VSI(位于新墨西哥州占地 140,000 平方英尺的制造工厂)和数十名经验丰富的员工的加入,Superior 正在朝着为经销商提供更多机会并为生产商提供多样化的经过验证的产品组合的目标又迈出了一步。

CEMCO to be acquired by Superior Industries

SUPERIOR Industries Inc., the Minnesota-based manufacturers and global suppliers of bulk material processing and handling systems, have announced the pending acquisition of CEMCO Inc., a 60-year-old manufacturing company and originator of the modern vertical-shaft impact (VSI) crusher, based in Belen, New Mexico.

Today, the company is recognized as a premier designer and manufacturer of VSIs, serving customers in the aggregates, recycling, mining and energy markets worldwide. The CEMCO VSI is a well-proven, highly trusted crusher with capacity rates up to 1,500 tons/h and models ranging from 75hp up to 1,000hp in single or dual-drive packages. The company’s original VSI is still in service today in New Mexico.

Jason Adams, president of Superior Industries, said: ‘We’re honoured that the Hise family has trusted us to carry on an incredible legacy they worked very hard to create. With the addition of the CEMCO VSI, a 140,000ft2 manufacturing facility in New Mexico, and dozens of experienced employees, Superior are taking another step in their goal of providing more opportunities for dealers and a diverse portfolio of proven products for producers.’


◆ Aggregate Industries收购OCL Regency增强高速公路废物回收利用业务

收购高速公路材料回收专家扩大了Aggregate Industries(AI)的可持续产品组合。


AGGREGATE Industries 收购了高速公路废物回收解决方案的领先供应商 OCL Regenesis Ltd。    AI收购总部位于肯特郡的业务将进一步加强 AI 的沥青和路面业务。

OCL Regency 成立于 2006 年,从高速公路维护和建设项目中回收大量材料,包括骨料、沥青、混凝土和焦油,否则这些材料必须进行特殊处理。

这些材料作为低碳产品在新的高速公路建设或维护项目中进行再加工和再利用,从而减少排放并支持循环经济。OCL Regency 在埃文茅斯、梅德韦、汉普郡、林肯郡、诺森伯兰和牛津拥有六个站点。

Aggregate Industries 首席执行官 Dragan Maksimovic 评论道:“OCL Regency 在公路刨屑的再利用以及低碳产品和解决方案的开发方面取得了长足进步。这与我们自己的战略和承诺非常一致,即实现我们的可持续发展目标,并继续实现我们作为企业的绿色增长目标。

“此次收购进一步增强了Aggregate Industries在英国高速公路和路面市场的地位,使我们处于循环建筑供应和交付的最前沿......它还使我们在重要地理位置上进一步立足,并符合我们成为英国领先的可持续建筑材料和解决方案供应商的雄心。”

OCL Regency 创始人兼董事总经理斯图尔特·格里迪 (Stuart Gready) 表示:“OCL 很高兴加入 Aggregate Industries。这使我们能够支持公司的健康和发展以及我们团队和服务的安全和发展。我们期待优化现有的客户服务,同时增加对在高速公路循环和脱碳领域开发令人兴奋的新创新的支持。

“Holcim 和 Aggregate Industries UK 拥有令人印象深刻的低碳产品和解决方案组合,我们很高兴成为其中的一部分。我们将获得与我们的增长战略非常契合的新机遇、资产和地理位置。”

Aggregate Industries acquire OCL Regeneration

Acquisition of highways recycling specialist expands AI’s sustainability product portfolio.

AGGREGATE Industries have acquired OCL Regeneration Ltd, a leading provider of highways waste-recycling solutions. The acquisition of the Kent-headquartered business will further strengthen AI’s asphalt and surfacing operations, where it is a key player on National Highways and local authority contracts.


Founded in 2006, OCL Regeneration recycle a vast selection of materials from highways maintenance and construction projects, including aggregates, asphalts, concrete and tar, which otherwise would have to be specially disposed of.

The materials are reprocessed and reused in new highway construction or maintenance projects as low-carbon products, resulting in reduced emissions and in support of the circular economy. OCL Regeneration have six depots located in Avonmouth, Medway, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland and Oxford.

Dragan Maksimovic, chief executive officer of Aggregate Industries, commented: ‘OCL Regeneration have made great strides in the reuse of highways planings and the development of low-carbon products and solutions. This is very much in sync with our own strategy and commitment to achieve our sustainability goals and continue to deliver on our green growth objectives as a business.

‘The acquisition further enhances Aggregate Industries’ position in the UK highways and surfacing market and puts us at the forefront of circular construction supply and delivery…It also gives us a further foothold in important geographic locations and aligns with our ambition of being the leading supplier of sustainable construction materials and solutions in the UK.’

Stuart Gready, founder and managing director of OCL Regeneration, said: ‘OCL is thrilled to be joining Aggregate Industries. This allows us to underpin the health and growth of the company and the security and development of our teams and services. We look forward to optimizing our existing client offering, while also having increased support to develop new and exciting innovations in the highway circularity and decarbonization space.

‘Holcim and Aggregate Industries UK have an impressive portfolio of low-carbon products and solutions, which we are very pleased to become a part of. We will gain access to new opportunities, assets and geographies which align well with our growth strategy.’.





为了巩固其作为矿业领先凿岩机制造商的地位,山特维克将投资2.6亿瑞典克朗(1,870 万英镑)来提高其在芬兰坦佩雷的产能。分阶段扩建初步将使凿岩机产能增加25%,并有可能进一步增加20%。

山特维克采矿和岩石解决方案露天钻探部门总裁 Petri Virrankoski 表示:“我们看到,在售后市场增长和钻探设备销售的推动下,露天和地下采矿以及土木工程应用对凿岩机的需求不断增长。” “这项投资将巩固我们作为凿岩机开发和制造领域领导者的地位。”

该项目第一阶段将于 2024 年底完成,包括设计和建造现有生产设施的 1,600 平方米扩建项目。新机床也将集成到该工厂的柔性制造系统中,以自动化和自主移动机器人为特色。

根据需求的发展,1,600平方米的扩建区还可以在 2025 年安装更多的新机床,到 2027 年提供更多的生产能力。

“50多年来,山特维克凿岩机一直以其高品质、耐用性和可靠性而闻名,”山特维克采矿和岩石解决方案凿岩机业务部副总裁 Timo Laitinen 说道。“我们的设施扩建将容纳最先进的生产设备,这将帮助我们在满足对凿岩机日益增长的需求时维护这一声誉。”

Sandvik to increase rock drill production

Company investing SEK260 million to boost production capacity in Tampere, Finland.

TO strengthen their position as mining’s leading rock drill manufacturer, Sandvik are investing SEK260 million (£18.7 million) to increase their production capacity in Tampere, Finland. The phased expansion will initially increase rock drill production capacity by 25%, with the potential to increase by a further 20%.


‘We see continuously increasing demand for our rock drills for surface and underground mining and civil engineering applications, driven both by aftermarket growth and drilling equipment sales,’ said Petri Virrankoski, president of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions’ Surface Drilling Division. ‘This investment will strengthen our position as the leader in rock drill development and manufacturing.’

The first phase of the project will be complete by the end of 2024 and includes the design and construction of a 1,600m2 extension to the existing production facility. New machine tools will also be integrated into the site’s flexible manufacturing system, featuring automation and autonomous mobile robots.

Depending on demand development, the 1,600m2 extension would then also be able to accommodate installation of additional new machine tools during 2025, delivering even more production capacity by 2027.

‘For more than 50 years, Sandvik rock drills have been renowned for their high quality, endurance and reliability,’ said Timo Laitinen, vice-president of the Rock Drill Business Unit at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. ‘Our facility expansion will accommodate state-of-the art production equipment that will help us uphold that reputation as we meet increasing demand for our rock drills.’





Jonsson业务线副总裁Timo Nakari表示,当美卓收购这家瑞典公司时,其业务主要集中在北欧,但 Jonsson 机器现在已遍布全球。

本周在德国下奥夫莱登举行的steinexpo采石场设备展上展出了重达 133 吨的 Jonsson C120-330移动式破碎机。该机器可以运输,安装起来大约需要两个小时。

“我们的大多数客户(Jonsson机器)都是采石场经营者,”Nakari 说。

所有 Jonsson 机器都是电动的,Nakari 表示 C120-330 是独一无二的,因为它在同一个底盘上有两个破碎机 - 颚式破碎机和圆锥式破碎机。

Jonsson 大型机器包括80吨至150吨的初级破碎机。“我们还有五个圆锥体模型和大量筛选器,”Nakari 说。


Metso targets global expansion for Jonsson brand

Metso is aiming to further expand the global footprint of the Jonsson mobile crushing and screening brand that it bought in 2018.


Timo Nakari, VP of the Jonsson business line, says that when Metso acquired the Swedish company its business was centred in the Nordics but Jonsson machines are now available around the world.

The massive 133-tonne Jonsson C120-330 mobile crusher was on display at this week's steinexpo quarry equipment show in Nieder-Ofleiden, Germany. The machine can be transported and takes around two hours to set up.

"Most of our customers [for Jonsson machines] will be quarry operators," says Nakari.

All Jonsson machines are electric and Nakari says the C120-330 is unique as it has two crushers - a jaw and a cone - on the same chassis.

The large Jonsson machines include primary crushers ranging from 80 tonnes to 150 tonnes. "We also have five cone models and plenty of screeners," says Nakari.


德国采石与建筑设备展 steinexpo举办

时隔六年后,第11届德国采石与建筑设备展 steinexpo 于8月23-26日在德国欧姆举办。




这些技术包括用于采石设备的替代燃料,沃尔沃建筑设备公司选择 steinexpo 在公开展会上首次展示其 HX04 氢燃料电池卡车的运行情况。

卡特彼勒原型机323 的23吨挖掘机原型机也展示了自动化技术,该挖掘机可由操作员在专门建造的驾驶室中进行远程控制。

卡特彼勒德国独家经销商Zeppelin Baumaschinen 的总经理霍尔格·舒尔茨 (Holger Schulz) 表示,自动挖掘机对于驾驶员可能面临危险的情况特别有用,例如清除爆炸物和拆除核电站。远程控制功能还意味着操作员可以控制多台机器,舒尔茨表示,这有助于解决采石和建筑行业面临的“人才短缺”和熟练工人短缺的问题。

展会组织者Geoplan 表示,今年 steinexpo 的门票已在网上售出 30,000 张,到 8 月 26 日周六闭幕时,大约有 50,000 名专业观众。

今年约有 300 家参展商和 440 个品牌参展。中国破碎筛分设备制造商美斯达首次在欧洲展会上亮相。



Steinexpo underway with new technologies in the spotlight

The 11th edition of German quarrying and construction equipment show steinexpo got underway today after a six-year gap.

Coronavirus-related restrictions led to the event at the huge MHI basalt quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden being cancelled in both 2020 and 2021.

One of the main themes for this year's show is "QuarryVision" which centres around the future of the mineral processing industry and the new technologies that the sector is using.

These technologies include alternative fuels for quarrying equipment, and Volvo CE chose steinexpo to give the first demonstration of its HX04 hydrogen fuel cell hauler in operation at a public show. The innovative prototype was put through its paces today on the first day of the event.

Autonomous technology is also on show in the form of Caterpillar's prototype 323 23-tonne excavator, which can be remotely controlled by an operator in a cabin that has been purpose-built for the process.

Holger Schulz, MD of Caterpillar's exclusive German dealer Zeppelin Baumaschinen, said autonomous excavators are particularly useful for situations where the driver could be in danger, such as clearing explosives and dismantling nuclear power plants. The remote control function also means an operator can control multiple machines which Schulz says helps address the "talent crunch" and shortage of skilled workers being faced by the quarrying and construction sectors.

Organiser Geoplan says that 30,000 tickets have been sold online for this year's steinexpo, and it is hoped that there will have been 50,000 trade visitors to the 90-hectare event site by the time it closes on Saturday August 26th.

Around 300 exhibitors and 440 brands are present this year. For the first time these include Chinese crushing and screening equipment manufacturer Mesda, which is making its debut at a European show.

Baojian Wang, VP international cooperation of Guangxi Mesda Group, said his aim is to bring the company to international markets, particularly the highland and prospective areas like Germany and other European countries.

He added: "Mesda promoted electric power mobile machines in China from very beginning. For a decade of growth, the sustainable, and environmentally friendly power solutions have been a very important value of Mesda, that we would like to offer to the markets."






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